Angle Babes Massage

Angle Babes Massage

Angel Babes Massage is the best massage at Chatswood. Angel Babes Massage prides itself on its professionalism and provision of first class services. Employing only the best masseuses, we bring a diverse cultural array of skills and backgrounds. Our ladies have had extensive experience in the art of massage bringing those skills from areas such as the ancient teachings of China to the traditional skills employed by the Japanese. Many of them undergoing formal training in the country of origin. From  a relaxing remedial massage to enhancing the balance between mind and body, we strive to ensure that our clients experience the physical benefits that massage brings as well as the spiritual enhancements. We are here  7 days a week for your convenience. We value all our clients and strive to ensure they return over and over again. That is our promise to you. The product is available anywhere, it is our service that sets us apart.



At Angel Babes Massage, we give you best prices for your maximum relaxation.

30 minutes: $40.00

45 minutes: $50.00

60 mintues: $65.00

90 minutes: $100.00

Please note that we do not have card facilities. Payment in cash only.



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Hotline: 02 9411 2618
Address: 29a/47 Neridah St Chatswood
(The main entrance is through the courtyard)

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