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  1. And since they’re universal truths about life, they help persuade your reader to accept your message.
    Nanakorobi yaoki.
    There is no try.
    This also reminds me of a precept by Sir Edwin Sandys, a politician who helped establish Jamestown, Virginia.
    One of his most notable is, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
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    Ready to Use These Aphorism Examples In Your Writing.
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    Aphorisms often use metaphors or creative imagery to express ideas.
    Better safe than sorry is a piece of wisdom from Samuel Lover’s book, Rory O’More.
    Examples of Aphorism in Politics
    Life is too short to surround yourself with toxic people.
    Interestingly enough, this saying was initially intended as a compliment.
    Now you might be asking.
    There must be a method to your madness.
    The term aphorism originates from late Latin aphorismus and Greek aphorismos.

  2. 단순히 승, 무, 패에 베팅을 할 수도 있으며 강팀인 팀에게 핸디캡을 주어 승리에 베팅할 수도 있고, 경기 결과가 기준점보다 높을 지, 낮을 지 등에 대해서도 다양하게 베팅이 가능합니다.

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