5 thoughts on “PENDLE HILL

  1. All girls have aids the place is a methadone drug drop ijn centre all gi girls slumped over while on alcohol and drugs Charlie has aids drinks alcohol to cover her mental problems and smokes drugs li k e a chimney. The receptionist Ronald is the biggest drug dealer and is a rude fuken barsta rd. This unit1/112 ballandella rd pendle hill is not even o be star. All girls arextrafficked and not tested for hiv all towels are old rags no disinfectant I would report to close to d e partmentb o f health one and safety land a nd environment court zoning and planing ius not updated and the build i ng is collapsible. Report to centrek i nk and tax off i be about all girls and p police and immigration.

  2. How would you know girls have aids? You are one of the girls working there too so you got aids as well. I don’t understand where you got this from. But if you are upset with the place u cant be that nasty to someone’s business. I would say mind your business and shut up Sasha.

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