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  1. 20 Aphorism Examples
    Examples of Aphorisms for Success
    Examples of Aphorism in Film
    Yup, you guessed it.
    The complete quote was, A Jack of all trades and master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.
    Not good.
    Aphoristic statements also appear in everyday life, such as daily speeches made by politicians and leaders.
    But not today.
    Take this proverb, for example.
    Another success aphorism comes from Chris Grosser.
    If you can do something, then you need to do it for the good of others.
    Let me ask you.
    Yup, he was reminding Philadelphians that preventing fires is better than fighting them.
    Not so much.
    You’re prepared to use these handy little sayings to make your prose more relatable.
    Practice what you preach.

  2. Brevity is the key.
    It’s better safe than sorry, right.
    Examples of Aphorism in Film
    Like George Washington, Sandys believed that telling the truth is always the way to go.
    Sometimes, though.
    Not good.
    Ready to Use These Aphorism Examples In Your Writing.
    That’s why aphorisms, adages, and proverbs are synonyms for each other.
    Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.
    What does it mean.
    If you can do something, then you need to do it for the good of others.
    We’ve all probably had to learn that the hard way.
    That’s not what you expected, was it.
    Skilled writers use aphorisms to evoke big ideas in a relatable way.
    There must be a method to your madness.
    Let’s get started.

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