2 thoughts on “Vibrance Massage

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  2. The early bird gets the worm.
    Here’s a classic Japanese saying for you.
    It’s one of my favorite aphorisms because it’s simple but yet powerful.
    Sandys said, Honestie the best policie, which in modern English is…
    Yup, he was reminding Philadelphians that preventing fires is better than fighting them.
    Another memorable aphorism is, An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
    From there, you can build your story around it.
    They’re written in countless books and passed down as folk wisdom.
    Proverbs, on the other hand, can be much longer than aphorisms and adages.
    Because let’s face it, perseverance is the key to success in life.
    Michael Corleone from The Godfather II disagreed with that.
    We’ve all probably had to learn that the hard way.
    One of his most notable is, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
    Let’s talk about that.
    There must be a method to your madness.
    Practice what you preach.

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