Chequers Massage

Chequers Massage

The largest massage salon in Sydney CBD to deliver royal experience, high standard service, luxury rooms, the most relaxing massage time.

We have spa treatment, shoulder & feet massage, steam & sauna, therapeutic & shiatsu massage and special Swedish massage. Masseuses are experienced and pretty to offer you the most comfortable, passionate service. Check more service when you are in, as you may like our premium special oil massage.

Fully modern renovated rooms are available for you to choose. No matter you prefer hot or cold spa, steam room or sauna, we prepared everything for you. Our lounging area always welcome you to visit after your session. We have luxurious lunge chairs and reading materials there for you. You may find out that our place is so comfortable and you don’t want to leave. That is our honour!


Our Services

Spa Treatment – $35

Eliminate the pressure of the “Hustle & Bustle” of everyday life and reclaim some peace and tranquility at Chequers Massage.

Shoulder & Feet Massage – $35/30 Mins

A Neck and shoulder massage can help de-stress and relieve the tension around the neck and shoulder area apart from a complete full body massage.

Feet Massage + Steam, Sauna & Spa – $35/30 Mins

The feet carry more weight than any other part of the body. With all that work, it’s no wonder they often get tired and sore!

Steam, Sauna & Spa – $35

Saunas and steam rooms have been used for hundreds of years by various cultures to improve health and well being.

Therapeutic & Shiatsu Massage – $60/45 Mins

A general massage of the entire body applying Therapeutic & Shiatsu techniques.

Special Swedish Massage – $85/30 Mins

Swedish massage is the most common and best-known type of massage in the West. If it’s your first time at the spa or you don’t get massage very often, Swedish massage is the perfect place to start.



Therapeutic & Shiatsu Massage – $60/45min

A general massage of the entire body applying Therapeutic & Shiatsu techniques.




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(02) 9529 5274 / (02) 9212 5152

79 Goulburn St, Sydney, New South Wales

7 days a week 11am till 3am


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