Bondi Beauties Massage

Bondi Beauties Massage

Welcome to Bondi Beauties Massage. NEW NEW NEW opening, new management. We are the best massage at Bondi. Our premium service will give you the most relaxing feeling. Masseuses are uni-students and very skillful, experienced and will offer you the most professional massage. Rooms are modern, comfortable and clean. Always leave your feedback as we will not let you leave our shop unsatisfied.



ALL SERVICES: $40/30 mins      $55/45 mins      $65/60 mins

Getting 50% discount for 30 mins full body oil massage, excluding deep tissue massage. ($20/30 mins)




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0470 217 245 / 02 8970 4523


Shop 1 / 158 Bondi Rd, Bondi


4 thoughts on “Bondi Beauties Massage

  1. This is the shittiest massage i have been in Sydney and i think in the world!!
    One simple advice: Don’t go there!!
    First I arrived and ask how much it was for 60 min, she said 65 aud, I was surprised and just asked about the online discount they make online on the 30min, 20aud but the girl (who was old, fat and ugly) got pissed and said “no it is 65 aud or nothing!!” I understood the 30 min was just a happy ending, but i wanted a good massage or at least a relaxing one and maybe a happy ending but it depends of the girl…
    Then i got prepared, the same girl came and straight she asked if i want a happy ending not even with a smile, very blunt way, i said i did not know yet and wanted a massage first…
    She asked if i wanted oil, i said ok and she started a very bad massage, no strenght, massage on bones.
    She never asked me once if the strentgh was ok, how i felt etc… she did not put oil on my legs and did not try once to make me horny… and the massage was VERY BAD!
    Then she asked me to turn over and straight said: “so happy ending??” I was like are you kidding?? I told her she was a very bad masseusse and that i was not at all horny and i started to tell her everything what i wrote above.
    Another masseuse came between us cause she heard something was wrong.. and I asked if she was the boss, that she needed to know my masseuse ws bad etc… and you know what happened??
    The masseuse started to insulst me!! She said”fuck you, god is watching you will have a bad life” HAHA I was shocked and just went out telling her that i never insulted her… and then god will more punish her than me… and she keeps insulting me and said to never go back…
    Just don’t go!

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